Mong Ha Fort

Mong Ha Fort or Fortaleza do Mong Ha, could be the final fort to get created in Macau. It really is situated on Mong-Há Hill, around the northern a part of the territory, dealing with China. The Anglo-Sino turmoil of 1841 gave the Portuguese the jitters. This was the time when stress involving Chinese nationlist as well as the European forces what food was in its peak.



The Portuguese, beneath Governor Ferreira do Amaral, hurriedly started out development of Mong Ha Fort in 1849, in an work to thwart any assaults on their own colony. Governor Ferreira do Amaral was killed shortly thereafter, and Governor Coelho do Amaral took in excess of the development in 1864. The fortification was eventually finished in 1866, but there was clearly hardly ever an assault over the fort.

Mong Ha Fort was in lively services right up until the 1960s. Because the romantic relationship in between Beijing and Lisbon enhanced, there was no want in the fort. When Macau was used in Chinese sovereignty, ownership from the fort also altered hands.

Now Mong Ha Fort continues to be converted right into a public park. There are actually walkways for the previous fortress walls. The fort itself continues to be converted for use like a heritage hotel and tourism education college. There is certainly also a Portuguese restaurant managed by trainees.