Casino Lisboa

Lisboa Casino in Macau Friendship Ma Luxi southern tip of South Bay . Southeast Asia is a famous comprehensive hotel, casino compelling , many foreign tourists willing to wade through the sea all the way to this , a gamble as fast.


Hotel facility opened in June 11, 1970 , when it was the largest hotel in Macau , Lisboa Hotel Macau is also the first five-star hotel . Floor main building and its left and right wings , imposing color yellow as the end all , as between white , giving a grace has no shortage of gorgeous relaxed feeling of jumping . Main building looks like a bird cage, while the main building plus its leftist floor , like a sailing ship .

Toward the main entrance of the Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge ( formerly the Macau-Taipa Bridge ) , held by STDM Corporation , and with the international hotel group Fullytech management operations. Offers four casinos and one slot machine casino, operated and managed by Jogos de Macau . Lisboa within the mall has dozens of shops , including : a variety of restaurants , bakeries , banks, pawnshops , money changers , jewelers , betting centers, laundry and bathroom .

The area is also located near the opening of casinos or slot machines , there are many casinos, such as hotel opposite the main entrance , next to the adjacent Wynn Macau and Kam Pek casino , Grand Lisboa Casino and has footbridges and subways connecting Portugal Plaza Hotel and Splendor entertainment industry in the new commercial center, the Hotel Lisboa two new recreational facilities .

From the Macau International Airport, take the shuttle to the Grand Emperor Hotel, next to the Venetian shuttle, the station went over about 5 minutes. MT1 or MT2 or coach can be. MT1 service time 7:00-9:15,16:00-20:00; MT2 service time 7:00-9:17,16:00-20:00.

From the Ruins of St. Paul walk to the Lisboa Casino about 15 minutes to. Macau Ferry Terminal also has a free shuttle