General Information

Macau is located in the southeast coast of mainland China, four years has been a place where East meets West, if you look carefully, a single from blocks of old buildings in detail, patterns, designs, you can understand the cultural essence of which West fusion. Especially in the history of the city, those who survived so far, still life exuberant old building, it is a continuation of the mysteries of life in Macao Cultural Heritage.


Macao's small size, only 29.2 square kilometers, is one fortieth of Hong Kong, Macau, a tiny place, but has continued to attract all visitors, some come for its gourmet snacks, and some of it's old building from, some which Holy Church from a seat, there are many to come for the dissipation of gaming.


Regional distribution
Macau consists of four major components : the Macau peninsula is the island of Macau , Taipa , Coloane two islands , and the reclamation area between the two islands is the Cotai .
Distribution of urban Macau peninsula , is Macau administrative, economic , transportation and cultural center where , from the administration is concerned atmosphere Fátima Parish , St. Anthony Parish , St. Lazarus area, lobby area and wind along Church areas.

In terms of tourism , it can be divided into Eastern, Southern, Northern , Western and the city center , the four regions . Among them, there Matsuyama Eastern fort Guia Lighthouse , Our Lady of Guia Chapel, Flora Park , Grand Prix Museum , Wine Museum , Fisherman's Wharf ; Southern District St. Augustine 's Church , Dom Pedro V Theatre , Asia well before the woman , the a-Ma Temple , Maritime Museum , Penha Hill , Macau Tower , etc. ; Kita Puji Temple, Lin Memorial , Mong Ha Hill ; Western District and the downtown area contains the Ruins of St. Paul , Mount Fortress , Macau Museum, Our Lady of the Rosary Church , Holy House of Mercy , before the Chamber , the new road, Camoes Garden , Christian cemetery , but here, too, a collection of numerous casinos and hotels, such as : Grand Lisboa Hotel , Arc de Triomphe Hotel , Wynn hotel.


Taipa Taipa by the large and small two islands , Taipa , Macau International Airport racetrack and in this region, where relatively quiet quaint, walking one , can feel a deep sense of traditional Macau style. Which Crown Street , Bunker Street gathered in Macau many make delicious snacks.

Hac Sa Coloane and Bamboo Bay has two excellent beaches Yongchang, as well as St. Francis of Assisi Church , Chapel of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows , Ma Ji Shi ago , the Andrew bakery , a good swim and find food to eat .

Cotai is a new development area , there is the Macau University of Science and Technology , Cotai Strip , etc., and a collection of Venetian , City of Dreams , Four Seasons Hotel , Grand Waldo Hotel , Coloane Karting , is great entertainment and shopping resort.


Travel time
Fall is actually the most suitable Macau travel season, usually from October to December , this time a mild climate , sunny autumn day , and low humidity.
Macau is located in coastal areas , climate with warm, rainy, humid , and wet and dry season obviously characteristics, foggy spring , summer is hot and rainy , slightly dry and cold winter . But in the winter , the minimum temperature here is above 5 ℃, is inferior to the fall season for travel .

Summer ( May -September ) for the Macau tourist season ( rainy season ) . Macau weather a little hot in summer , but it is the black sand beaches to swim and breathe for a good season .

Tips : Summer Macau sometimes typhoon , when a typhoon is approaching Macau , hoisted typhoon signal No. 8 , round-trip flights from Hong Kong and Macao , the vessel will be temporarily suspended , two- Macau-Taipa Bridge , Cotai road may be temporarily closed. Choose this period to Australia must pay attention to the weather changes. Just wear light cotton summer dress or T-shirt ; colder winter weather , you should prepare wool clothing and coats ; spring and autumn evenings cooler , Yichuan sweater or jacket.