History and Culture


Macau is a small former fishing village , the name comes from the fishermen of Macau , a Chinese goddess very respected ─ ─ days, also known as the mother of her mother , her book called Ho Ho mirror mirror or Australia , because it was parked port can be referred to as " Australia . " Mid-sixteenth century , when the first Portuguese arrived and asked the name of the local residents , residents mistakenly think that means the temple , replied that " Barra ." Portuguese and translated into its sound "MACAU", became the origin of the Macau Portuguese name.

In 1849 , the Portuguese colonists have occupied the Macao Peninsula , Taipa Island and Coloane Island . In 1887, the Portuguese colonists in the " Sino-Portuguese meeting about grass " in the words into a " forever Portuguese administration in Macau ," the . In December, the Qing government and Portugal signed the " Treaty of Commerce and the good " confirmed "grass about " in reference to Macau again. April 1928 , the Chinese government informed Portugal termination " and good trade treaty ." June 1986 , Portugal held the first round of talks in Beijing on the question of Macao . April 1987 , the two governments signed the Sino-Portuguese " Joint Declaration on the Question of Macao " , declared : Macau ( including the Macao Peninsula , Taipa Island and Coloane ) is China's territory , People's Republic of China will be in December 1999 20, resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Macao .

Macao special historical background , so that Western cultures to co-exist here and harmonious development , so it is a bridge between East and West cultural exchange. Historic Centre of Macao 's historic buildings everywhere permeated with the integration of Chinese and Western . Chinese and Western cultures most outstanding performance in the breath of life in Macao people , during traditional festivals , whether China or the West , must be held in Macao related celebrations .


Macau Chinese traditional Chinese folk festivals, such as the Lunar New Year, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival , Double Ninth Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival , will be celebrated . Especially the Lunar New Year, starting from the bumper New Year's Eve to New Year's Day shortly after midnight , a large number of Macao residents rushed to the A-Ma Temple would also like to pray for prosperity and peace for the coming year , the temple buzzes. Annual Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival, a new sea port , reservoirs angle sea, the waters off West Bay has a dragon boat races.

In addition , during some Western religions , traditions and customs related to the festival , such as " big trips Eucharistic Jesus ," " Our Lady of Fatima travel ", " Mother mother gave birth ," " Drunken Dragon Dance and Lion Dance Assembly" , will also be held celebration. Or ride in a temporary open-air opera stage play , or the Mass held in the church and religious icons travel, forms, fully demonstrated Macau role as bridge between Chinese and Western cultures .