Practical information

Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages. Guangzhou residents daily communication commonly used words , but many people can understand Mandarin, English in Macau is also very accessible , can be applied in many occasions .

Macau 's official currency is the MOP (PARACA).
Goods and services provided shall be sold in Macao in MOP . In banking, the hotel provides currency exchange services , is very convenient. In addition , provide 24-hour currency exchange service Lisboa Macau International Airport and the hotel .
In Macau, HK can be used directly without conversion . However, only some parts of the RMB can be used directly , many stores and shopping car will not accept renminbi.
Credit cards can be used in some shops in Macau .

Voltage and sockets
Macau voltage is 220 volts , plugs for British standard ( like Hong Kong ) , so the charging device plugs need to convert the continent , a part of the hotel will provide conversion plug.

WiFi case
1. Most place in the Macao Public Library , part of the hotel , coffee shop are available online.
2. Macau "WiFi GO" service , free WiFi Macau residents and visitors . Whenever you see "WiFi GO" indicates that the representative has been present within service coverage , free use of WiFi. Daily between 8:00 to 1:00 , through unencrypted or encrypted connection, connection time for each user every 45 minutes limit.
Non- encrypted connection network name : wifigo
Encrypted connection network name : wifigo-s, login name and password : wifigo


Mobile city guide
Macau designed specifically for mobile site visitors , provide information on the city of Macao and international news , the latest events , shopping, restaurants, hotels , bus routes , schedules , flight , emergency and useful telephone , weather information , etc., available in English , Simplified Chinese, English and Portuguese in four languages ​​.
Mobile Website URL :

Postal Service
Perfect Macao Postal Service Post Office headquarters in Senado Square , to provide mail and courier services around the world.
Tel 0853 -323 666
Post Office Hours: Monday to Friday, office hours are 9:00 to 18:00 ; Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00 .
Terminal and Airport Post Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 19:00.
Tel 0853 -323 666

Macau Tourist Hotline 0853 -2833 3000 ( 24-hour hotline , choose Cantonese, Mandarin , English, Portuguese and Japanese )
Macau Government Tourist Office 0853 -2831 5566 , 2851 3355
Macao Health Bureau 0853 -2856 2404
Macau Border Gate Building 0853 -2843 9310
Macau International Airport 0853 -2886 1111
0853 -2827 1122 0853-2885 0060 bus inquiry
Radio Taxis 0853 -2851 9519 , 2893 9939, 8500 0000, 2828 3283
Internet service hotline 0853 -2828 3883

Other Considerations
1. Macao from May to September , the weather is hot , and sometimes a typhoon . When a typhoon is approaching Macau , typhoon signal was hoisted , two Macau-Taipa Bridge , Cotai road will be temporarily closed to travel between Hong Kong and Macao vessels and aircraft flight will be temporarily canceled.
2. the Macau gaming industry to implement the new ban , ban people under 21 years old into the gaming venue , after the implementation of the new law , to enter the casino without identity cards .