The attractions tour - Attractions Map

Macau's unique attractions such as: the Avalokitesvara of new ports waterfront, the highest point of Coloane white marble statue of Mazu, South Bay Musical Fountain Lake, as well as many specialized museums such as the Fortress Hill on the Macao Museum, Grand Prix Museum,wine Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Macao Museum of Art. Macao known as the Oriental Monte Carlo said, the gaming industry is the Macau Tourism indispensable part. Macau is committed to promoting the gaming industry to develop in the direction of diversification, supplemented the different characteristics entertainment resort and conference tourism strokes sheets travelers, gaming entertainment to become Macau's tourism resources.

Each year, the Macau authorities also organized a number of international celebrations, on the one hand to improve Macau's international reputation, and also the Macao tourism more attractive.

1. 媽閣廟

Ma Temple is the existing temples in Macau this kind of ancient temples, Macau's heritage, the original building is preserved the time reserved longest. Ma Temple is located in Barra of Shanxi face mountainside, the main entrance gate, the arch, the main hall, Hongin temple, Guanyinge Ching Buddhist temple, each building scale, despite its small size and simplicity, but the full integration of the natural layout patchwork. Early said Niang Ma Miu Tianfei temple or sea Abbey; After naming the Ma Temple, the Chinese commonly known [Barra Temple]. Ma Kok Temple the many LITHOGLYPHS, are ancient the courtiers of celebrities poetry inscriptions, is important to study the history and culture of Macau. Especially "Yangchuan Stone" and "sea sense stone age, is Macau famous two rocks, object is ancient writers and poets Wing Yin.

2. 亞婆井前地

Places around the building Lilau Portugal residential-style architecture and the decorative arts, Art Deco-style condominium apartments. The Lilau Portuguese means "spring" (lilau), here used to be Macau's main water source, close to the inner harbor, the Portuguese in Macau is one of the earliest settlements point. The Macau Portuguese Folk said: "old women drink well water, forget Macao; married in Macau, but that if it had not been so much attention to." Therefore, Lilau has important implications on the local Portuguese. Today the Tei Lilau still retains many Western-style buildings, full of Southern style.

3. 圣老楞佐堂

This attractions listed as a World Heritage Site in July 2005 to become Disa a World Heritage Site. Located in São Lourenço Street South Bay Australia Governor's House ramps on St. Lawrence's Church, also known as the "São Lourenço". Be built by the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, about in the middle of the 16th century, the history is long, one of the three ancient churches in Macau.

Why the church and there will be the name of the "São Lourenço? Generally speaking, there are two versions: one is the church early with hearing the wind lever, so the Chinese call it wind News Church, and later became a homonym of "São Lourenço"; Second, the Macanese people often pray for a safe journey for their business overseas relatives here, smooth sailing, at the same time, the Chapel of St. Lawrence's is the patron saint of the Catholic Church in the maritime We pray for their loved ones probably keep his appointment to return home safely. Therefore, there is the "weathercock Church", "wind along Church" name.

Boarded floor order through a carefully arranged, Zaiman Palm Flower small front garden, at the church door. The church walls yellow, white and bicolor mainly on both sides of the clock tower stands, the middle hall around to three Yamahana row stack. Steps to see the church facade, pilasters with other church buildings than relatively weak, especially on both sides of the bell tower of the pilasters. In contrast, the middle pilasters, window frames, eaves and Shanhua take relief, outstanding handling, plus the cloth stack before and after the Shanhua the top of the temple of beginning to become fine, trivial, virtually create a sinking, depressed feeling, its role is to highlight both sides of the bell tower, so that it becomes more towering spectacular.

Church group column arch columns, walls yellow, white bicolor, vaulted ceiling keynote blue, chandeliers hanging from the top, dignified and magnificent. The opening round high dome and walls between the windows, uncertain Open. Arched recessed main altar to the background of the stained glass windows, square pilasters densely arranged, pocket hugged innermost shrine, to give people a sense of natural deep hole, people see while Qijing.